Quick Start

Before you get started with Saaze, make sure your are running PHP 7.3+ and Composer.

To install Saaze, use Composer to create a project:

Replace {site} with the name of your site. Saaze will now be installed by Composer! See the structure doc for more info on what all of the directories are for.

Developing your site

Once, installed you can run your site locally using the built-in Saaze CLI:

This will run a local development server at (hint: the port can be changed using the -p flag).

Create a collection

One of the core concepts of Saaze is that everything is a collection of entries. So let's go ahead and create our first collection "pages" using the make:collection command:

Note that pages here is the ID of the collection. This will create a pages.yml file in the content directory.

Create an entry

Now that we have a collection, let's create our first entry using the make:entry command:

The first argument is the collection ID (pages) and the second argument is the ID of the entry you want to create (index). There should now be a pages/index.md file in the content directory. Note that the entry ID will be used as the slug for your content.

Add some content

Go ahead and use your favourite text editor to edit the new entry file pages/index.md. The file is split into two parts:

  1. The first part is made up of Yaml frontmatter
  2. The second part is the Markdown content

You should already see the title we passed to the make:entry command in the frontmatter section. Feel free to add some markdown content below the --- separator.

If you run the serve command again now you should see the page content displayed on your site.

Deploy your site

When you're ready, you can choose how you want to deploy your Saaze site.