When it comes to deploying Saaze sites you have two options:

  1. Dynamic Mode - Deploy Saaze as a normal PHP site
  2. Static Mode - Build a static site using the build command

Dynamic Mode

In dynamic mode, you should configure your server software (e.g. Nginx, Apache, etc.) to point to the index.php file in the public directory. The public directory should be the web root. This is similar to most modern PHP setups where all requests are routed through a single PHP file.

Static Mode

In static mode, running the build command will generate a completely static version of your site in the /build directory:

The contents of the /build directory can then be uploaded to a static hosting provider (e.g. Netlify, Vercel, AWS S3, etc).

Which mode should I use?

If your site does not require any kind of backend (dynamic) processing, then you can probably use static mode to build your site and deploy it as a completely static site. For more information on why this route might be a good idea, check out

If your site does require any kind of backend processing, then you should use dynamic mode. For example, some common processing examples include:

  • Sending email after submitting a contact form
  • Collecting newsletter subscriptions
  • Processing an ecommerce payment
  • Any kind of custom script