Saaze is an all-inclusive, flat-file CMS for simple websites and blogs. It's not designed to be a replacement for great CMS's (e.g. WordPress, Statamic etc.), rather it's designed to be a smaller, simpler alternative.

Why is there a need for a simpler alternative? WordPress is a great CMS but it can become bloated and a maintenance nightmare for simple sites. Static site builders are fast but normally have a steep learning curve and require lots of tooling to make them work. We believe building a personal site should be stupidly simple. That's why Saaze is built on the following principles.

Easy to run

PHP is already used by 80% of all websites on the internet. So all you need to run Sazze is PHP and Composer (PHP's package manager). Saaze is designed to run on as few dependencies as possible.

Easy to host

Static sites are great for being fast and easy to deploy. However, sometimes you need dynamic aspects to your site (e.g. contact forms, custom scripts, etc). Saaze gives you the choice depending on what makes most sense.

Easy to edit

Markdown has become the defacto way to edit content for the internet. It's simple to understand and write. So Saaze uses Markdown with a sprinkle of Yaml frontmatter to manage your content.

Easy to theme

Saaze uses Blade templates, popularised by the Laravel framework, because they're easy to use and work just like PHP... but nicer.

Fast and secure

Saaze uses normal files (flat files) to store your content. Not needing a database means less setup and maintenance headaches, better security and more speed to boot.

Simple to understand

Sazze deliberately has a stupidly simple architecture: Everything is a collection of entries. Pages, posts, docs, recipes, whatever. It all works in the same, simple way.


Developing your site should be painless. That's why Saaze comes with CLI tools for serving and building your site out of the box. No external tools required.